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the Template Shop

$295+ // installed within three business days of receiving access to your site

Ideal for those who are on a budget and familiar enough with Squarespace and website design to do it themselves, but are looking for a template or other solutions that stands out from the crowd and is designed with a photographer’s needs in mind.


  1. Choose and purchase your new template - SHOP TEMPLATES & KITS HERE

  2. Within minutes you’ll receive an email with details on how to access the tutorials, and we’ll receive an email letting me know you need your template installed.

  3. I’ll install the demo template on your existing Squarespace account within 3 business days of receiving access to your site. We’ll also set up a lock page so that no one can see the goods until you’ve had a chance to replace the demo content with your own.

  4. You watch the Quick Start video guide walking you through the best practices for customizing your new template, as well as a couple of other tutorials to make taking over your new template a breeze.

  5. Subscribe to a business plan on Squarespace, and launch your new site! Easy peasy.


Option 1: Template Based Website Design

$1750 // template based single-page petite site with blog and portfolios

$2500 // template based multi-page full site with blog and portfolios

Ideal for clients on a budget who’ve found a template they like, but want additional personalization or functionality for a more unique look using the Squarespace platform.

the template based website package INCLUDES:

  • the template of your choice (from my template shop or a Squarespace base template)

  • template installation and set up, including upload your provided branding & fonts into the existing template

  • design tweaks and add your provided content (copy & images) to the existing template for a more personalized, unique look

  • 20% off the first year of your new annual subscription to Squarespace

  • basic tech support for 14 days

Template based website design projects take approximately two to three weeks from start date to launch ready.

Option 2: Custom Website Design

$3000 // custom single-page petite site with blog and portfolios

$4500 // custom multi-page petite site with blog and portfolios

Ideal for clients who want a truly custom online home that perfectly reflects their unique business, audience, and personality using the Squarespace platform.

the custom website package INCLUDES:

  • Kate’s signature Website Strategy Worksheets

  • a strategy call with Kate to discuss strategy and aesthetics

  • design & development of your new, custom website using the Squarespace platform

  • 20% off the first year of your new annual subscription to Squarespace

  • site handover call to teach you the basics of your new site

  • basic tech support for 30 days

Custom website design projects take approximately six weeks from start date to launch ready.


 Search Engine Optimization

$500 // approximately two weeks or done concurrently when booked with a website package

more details coming soon!

the SEO package INCLUDES:

  • 1 hour strategy meeting coaching call with Sarah

  • setup and training on the importance of the Big Google 3

  • homepage optimization

  • keyword objective research specific to your business

  • website optimized including: 1 unique HTML tag per page, unique slugs for each page, unique page titles, unique meta descriptions

  • image optimization

  • 1 hour blog coaching including content marketing strategy

  • 1 blog post optimized for training purposes



$1000 // approximately two weeks

Let’s create a brand identity with a clear message and set of bespoke visuals to match, so that your clients can invest in you with confidence.

the branding package INCLUDES:

  • Kate’s signature brand story worksheets & strategy call

  • personalized mood board & custom color palette

  • font recommendations

  • main logo, logo variation, & logo mark

  • final branding board and deliverables



$1500 // approximately three weeks

Copywriting services are provided by the incomparable Cynthia Haynes, the sales copy genius behind Craft & Vision, an online photography education company that grosses over a million in sales a year. She’s worked with many of the industry's most well known names, and is particularly good at crafting brand messages into words that sell. 

the copywriting package INCLUDES:

  • Cynthia's signature Copywriting Playsheets workbook

  • Cynthia’s time, talent, and expertise in teasing out the best written strategy for your brand

  • Cynthia's written content for three pages, usually the home, about, and details pages

  • professional editing on all written content so you can be assured there are no grammatical mistakes