(optional) Template Installation

(optional) Template Installation


Hey I get it: time is money, and sometimes it’s just easier to get someone else to do the nuts and bolts and get the bits in place so you can just take over and plug your own content in.

Add this optional TEMPLATE INSTALLATION to any template purchase, and I’ll install the template on your existing Squarespace account within 3 business days of receiving access to your site. I’ll essentially recreate the demo template onto your site, so that you just have to replace the demo content with your own and then go live.

If you’re looking for more help - maybe you want someone to just do all of it, including adding your content, or you want some additional tweaks to the base template to further customize the look, check out my TEMPLATE RESTYLE PACKAGES here.

I’ll also set up a lock page so that no one can see the goods until you’ve had a chance to replace the demo content with your own content, as well as provide you with a Quick Start video guide walking you through best practices for customizing your new template, as well as give you access to all the tutorials for your template so that you have everything you need at your finger tips.

*** You will need a Squarespace BUSINESS subscription in order to utilize all included features.

*** If you have not yet signed up for a Squarespace account, do so now and then come back to purchase this.

*** You will need to provide me with your Squarespace username and password so I can install the site on your account.

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