Why I Use CoSchedule For Content Organization

I love running my own business. I genuinely feel like the worst day working for myself is still a hundred times better than the best day working for someone else. I love the flexibility and freedom it gives me, the sense of pride that comes from building something from scratch, and the amazing clients-turned-friends that it's connected me with.

But it isn't easy, and it isn't without it's problems. The biggest pain point I usually encounter in my business is simply not having enough time - because while my business is super important to me, it's just one of many things in my life that I have to find time for. My family, my friends, my self, and my volunteer work are also important to me. I don't want to be on social media 24/7 - but I know that I have to market myself and my business in order to connect with my ideal clients and serve them. The biggest weapon I have in my arsenal to do just that without wasting a ton of time? 


This little app is worth its weight in gold - it allows me to be more efficient, to block my time and schedule things in advance, and to keep my content marketing systems organized. It's also a lifesaver for communicating with others on my team, so that we're all on the same page. Plus it's super easy to use - win!

Kate Densmore Photography - Why I use CoSchedule for content organization

Five Reasons Why I Use CoSchedule For Content Organization:

1) It allows me to schedule social media posts in a clean, efficient way on multiple platforms. 

2) It allows me to communicate with my business manager and team members, so that every one knows what's expected and when. 

3) The interface is darn pretty to use - which matters to me!

4) It has the capabilities to designate "evergreen" content - posts that can be shared over and over again, saving me even more time. 

5) They send me a summary email each week showing me which posts have been the most productive, how much time I've saved, and suggestions for the future. 

If you're looking to get a handle on your online marketing efforts, I can't recommend a system like CoSchedule enough. Click through to check it out yourself! ï»¿


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