Why I Design Websites Exclusively On Squarespace

Why I design websites exclusively on Squarespace

There are so many awesome website platforms out there - and it seems like everyone has an opinion on which one is best. I tend to be a lot more pragmatic with my opinions, and I think they all have pros and cons, and that it really just depends on what you are comfortable with and what your needs are.

That said, there is one giant reason why I choose to design client websites exclusively on Squarespace. And that reason is because of how easy it is for a client to take over their site when I'm done.

It doesn't matter how gorgeous and effective a website is, if you can't maintain it and keep it active on your own, it's a waste of money. We have to stop thinking of our websites as "one and done" aspects of our business. They are a dynamic, ever-evolving representation of who we are and what our business does, and they should be updated on a regular basis. If I hand over a website that my clients can't use... or that takes them many, many hours to learn how to use... that's not helping them, and it's going to make them put their ongoing website tasks to the very bottom of their to-do list. In other words, shit isn't getting done.

We have to stop thinking of our websites as “one and done” aspects of our business.

But with Squarespace, it's about as easy as it gets. Everything my clients need is in one platform. There are no plugins or updates to deal with. And it's just so, so easy to update text, swap out images, keep galleries current, and blog regularly.

I used Wordpress with ProPhoto for many, many years before switching my own website to Squarespace, and the single biggest reason I made the switch is because of how much easier those things were for me as well. It saved me hours of time every month: hours that I could put towards client work, my ongoing goals, and my family.

So it just makes sense to help my clients in that same way, and guide them towards a website platform that's really more like a content management system, and designed with ease of use in mind from the start. Do I think Wordpress or ShowIt are bad? Heck no! But I don't think they are nearly as easy to use and maintain as a well built Squarespace website is. And for me at least? That's gold.

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