Amy Thelen Photography

When Portland, OR photographer Amy Thelen first connected with me to talk over potentially re-doing her website, she told me she felt like her site was probably “fine” but nothing she was excited about. But seriously - who wants a site that’s just “fine” - uhhh, not me. And not Amy. So we put our heads together and created a new, custom Squarespace website for her that’s anything BUT “just fine.” It’s damn good, in fact, and brings her work, personality, and professionalism to life.

Amy Thelen Photography Custom Squarespace website by StoryRoad Creative

Amy knew she wanted a site that was functional but pretty; polished but fun. Something that had plenty of room to explore, but still got right to the heart of her busy client’s needs. We built her just that, with a few special touches that brought it all together.

The real secret behind her new site? Every piece is targeted not just to imaginary clients, but to her real, ideal audience. Because her new site speaks her language, and gets right to the heart of what she does for others, it effortlessly connects with her ideal audience in a real, authentic way. And what more could you want from a website?


“I am SO in love with this. It really speaks my language and I think that people coming to the site will have a complete grasp/understanding of who I am personally + professionally. YES!”

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Are you ready for a website that works?