Author: Cynthia Haynes

CYNTHIA HAYNES is the sarcastic mastermind and founder of Ghostpoet Communications, a referral-only copywriting business. Working primarily with photographers and other creative artists, she helps them learn how to market themselves and the work they do through better copy and well-edited manuscripts. To date, she’s written an estimated eleventybillion words for other people (which is why she hasn’t yet tended to her own website—or perhaps she’s just a slacker).


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Author: Sarah Landa

SARAH LANDA is an SEO consultant who specializes in helping women photographers and creatives find their why, connect with their ideal client, and reach page one of Google, one click at a time. She’s also a family portrait photographer so she truly understands the ins and outs of getting recognized in a crowded field. She spends her non working hours shuttling her 8 year old twins to their various sporting events, living the good life on a farm in rural WA, and chasing the dream of living a creative and inspiring life.


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Author: Kate Densmore

KATE DENSMORE is an internationally acclaimed documentary photographer and mentor with a passion for helping female photographers build sustainable, satisfying businesses that work for them. She started StoryRoad Creative+Co as a collaborative educational resource and full service solution for photographers managing their online assets and all things website strategy, content marketing, and design. Along with her husband and two daughters, she calls the Grand Canyon her home.


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