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SQUARESPACE WEBSITES FOR story-loving photographers

do-it-yourself templates, bespoke restyling, & custom website design


this is the secret sauce your website has been missing


Are you in need of a standout website to match your standout photographs?

I’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to outdated style, confusing navigation, random images, squint-inducing blocks of text, and call-to-actions that are more like call-to-inactions. We’re about to make your #businesslife easier by making sure you have a website that turns your site visitors into ideal clients.


I’m Kate Densmore & I want you to have a website that changes your life - or at least your #businesslife

As an internationally acclaimed photographer & mentor with nearly a decade of industry experience, I bring my business know-how, clean aesthetic, & uncanny sense of website strategy to each project so that your business can truly shine.



(noun /ˈstôrē/): in reference to the evolution of something



(noun /rōd/): a course of action that leads to a particular outcome


if you

crave genuine connections with your ideal clients

have a heart for serving over selling

believe the photographs you make are way more than just snapshots

have no problem admitting you can’t do it all

then you are in the right place


 Kate has always had this gift for

understanding the people she works with so that she can help them understand themselves better.

Thank you is not enough!


Felicia Chang - Vancouver, BC Documentary Family Photographer & Mentor

Roma Project-8.jpg

DO-it-yourself templates that look anything but

easy on the eyes; easy on the budget


stand out from the crowd

templates and details coming soon!

from $95 -445


Kate’s combination of

business knowledge, design skill, & work ethic

make her uniquely qualified to provide these amazing website design services. I could not be happier that I choose to work with her!


Nicole Hawkins - New York City Studio & Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


template restyling options to get you launched, fast

a custom look without the custom wait

Canyon - iMac.png

launch, like, yesterday

An online home that is live before you know it, from a designer who knows the photography industry like the back of her hand.

Let’s save you time and money and get your site live, fast. By starting with a pre-made template, either one of mine or a starter Squarespace template, we’re able to skip the parts that take forever, and get right to the parts that matter: creating an online space that beautifully represents who you are and what you do.


 Kate took on the very difficult task of merging the two sides of my work - family and documentary projects - into one cohesive site.

She created this gorgeous, cohesive website that lets me be ME: a whole person, one artist.

Kate is a freaking genius.


Katie Jett Walls - Washington DC Documentary Family Photographer & editor of Confluence magazine


a custom website that works just as hard as you do

maybe even harder, but we won’t tell


something that’s truly yours

An online home that is completely, truly yours, from a designer who knows the photography industry like the back of her hand.

Let’s take a big picture approach by defining your target audience, brand message, & design aesthetic, and then work through it all until it’s just right. Because when we create a website that connects not just with any potential client - but with your ideal client - well, that’s where the magic is.


I know the look, feel, & ease of the new website Kate built is

helping me book clients who value photography

and aren’t afraid to pay for a great photography experience.


Christine Dammann - San Diego Lifestyle Family Photographer


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